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FAQ for Construction Lawyers

Frequently Asked Questions for our Building and Construction Lawyers Get to know the frequently asked questions that our clients have to our Building and Construction

My Edge, What I Value

Sydney Construction Lawyer I’m John Dela Cruz of Contracts Specialist. With over 10 years of experience as a specialist building and construction lawyer, you can

Suspending a Construction Contract

Suspending a Construction Contract Still unpaid after attempts of claiming payment for your hard work? Suspend your work and consult a construction lawyer for your

All About Construction Contracts

Every building project should have a construction contract in place in order to enforce their construction law rights easily. Learn more about the different types of contracts you can use and which Contracts Specialist services you should get when engaging in a project.

What is Home Building Act

What is the Home Building Act? Learn about another construction law in NSW known as the Home Building Act. Get to know what it covers

Construction Contract Disputes Resolution

Construction Contract Disputes Resolution A construction contract dispute for home building projects can cause a huge impact on the progress of construction work. call now: