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A successful end result can be easily achieved when things are well-planned. A construction dispute can come out whenever there are loopholes in your construction contract. 

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A construction dispute can arise anytime during the construction process

Disputes often involve a wide variety of building problems. This is usually the result of different factors that happen due to unforeseen situations.

When conflicts occur, this can have a serious impact on the whole project. The construction project can only proceed when these disputes are resolved. If there is no resolution, the project will be “on-hold” and you (whether you are a homeowver or a contractor) will start bleeding money. This is definitely not good news!

What are common construction disputes?

Late, under or non-payments, ballooning expenses, and wasted man hours can bring so much unnecessary stress to busy business owners such as yourself. Sometimes homeowners don’t pay contractors, and contractors don’t pay builders and workers. Cashflow is king. You deserve to get your money!

Sometimes the quality of the end result is way less than what was written in the contract. This puts homeowners in a less than desirable position since they did not get the quality they expected for their investment. This is completely unfair to them and should be resolved.

This can also be defined as the cost increase, underrated, and budget overrun in a construction project. It is used as a term for unexpected costs arise in excess of budgeted plan. 

Slow progress and multiple delays in completing a construction project can have a significant financial impact on both the homeowner and the contractor. Unforeseen circumstances can cause delays. Whether they are valid reasons or not, these delays can cause a lot of distress, as well as disagreements on who will shoulder extra expenses.

Defective work can span from water leaks, faults in waterproofing that only come up after strong rain, tiling or plumbing problems, concrete spalling, cracks in foundations or walls, use of incorrect or subpar materials, to work not compliant with drawings and specifications.

Slow progress and delays in completing a construction project can have a significant financial impact on the homeowner and the contractor. 

Construction disputes are bound to happen. It can be caused by non-payments, disagreement to scope and quality of works, slow progress, and poor communication. These disputes can be efficiently resolved with the help of a construction lawyer.

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How a construction dispute affects a construction project

Considering the huge impact of a single construction dispute, a construction project will not proceed. Moreover, there will be a possibility that the project may suffer cost and time overrun. 

Effects of Construction Disputes

  • Owners will suffer loss of profit and budget
  • Abandoned project
  • Failed construction results
  • Broken client-contractor relationships
  • Additional budget and payments
  • Frustration, stress, and doubts for the part of clients

A construction dispute is a major issue in the construction industry. Resolving it can lessen the chances of failed projects.

Contracts Specialist can help you find a resolutions for your construction dispute. We only work on Sydney construction law matters so you can be confident you are getting the right advice and have worked on a case similar to yours.

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1. We will inform you of your legal rights. 

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2. We can help enforce your right in the New South Wales Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) and the courts.

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3. We can enforce and defend your contractual rights including terminating your contract with the other party.

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