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Our specialist construction law firm has dealt with a bounty of cases of residential building disputes, debt recovery, construction contracts, as well as a variety of construction law-related issues. Consulting with specialists and getting the right legal advice early on can help minimise the impact disputes and other issues may have on a construction company’s profitability and a homeowner’s construction goals.

Here are articles that can help shed light to your queries and make you decide to talk to the construction solicitors of Contracts Specialist today. We only deal with construction matters. You can be confident that we’ve dealt with situations similar to yours.

Building Dispute

What is a Building Dispute

Common Building Disputes in Sydney

Consulting with Home Building Dispute Lawyers

What a Building Dispute Lawyer in Sydney can do for you

What to Check in a Building Defects Inspection

How to deal with building defects

What is Home Building Act

What is Fair Trading NCAT

What to know about the Building Dispute Resolution Process

Get Expert Advice from a Building Problem Lawyer in Sydney

How to avoid building dispute

What is Building defect

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Construction Contracts

Consumer Building Guide Updates

Making a Construction Contract Disputes Resolution

What is a Home Building Contract

Importance of Construction Contracts

Types of Construction Contracts

Subcontract Statement: When do you need one?

Contractor Due diligence

Contract Variations: Making the Changes Right

Statutory Warranties in NSW

A Guide for Preventing a Building Contract Dispute

Home Building Contract

Doing a Contract Review

Getting Advice on Commercial Construction Contracts


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Security of Payments

How to enforce a Judgement

What is the Security of Payment Act

Payment Claim under the Building Construction Industry Act

Issuing a Security of Payment Invoice

What is a Building Payment Schedule

An overview of the Adjudication Process

How to enforce a Payment Claim

Resolving Payment Disputes

NSW Security of Payment Act in a Flowchart

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Construction Lawyer
in Sydney

My Edge, What I Value

The Process to Move Forward

Frequently Asked Questions

Issues I can help you with

Giving legal advice photo – Construction Solicitor Articles | Contracts Specialist

Construction Law Expert

Factors in Hiring a Construction Solicitor

Getting a Specialist Building Dispute Lawyer in Sydney

Getting a Specialist Construction Litigation Lawyer in Sydney

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Subcontractor Not Getting Paid: What Are Your Legal Rights?

Subcontractor Payment Rights: How to Withhold Payment?

What is a Reference Date?

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