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Contractors’ Legal Rights Under the Security of Payment Act

You might be aware of the Act, but you should know you can use it to your advantage. This is how Security of Payments works for you.

Right to progress claims

You have the right to be paid throughout the whole construction process.

Right to suspend the works or supply of goods

Yes, you can suspend work for some valid reasons. Late payment being one.

Right to enter a judgment in court if your claim is ignored

You have the option to proceed to court if Adjudication was not favorable to you.

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Right to claim for interest

You can claim interests on the debt as long as the payment is outstanding.

Right to have a disputed claim be determined fairly by a government-authorised adjudicator

Only you can initiate Adjudication procedures under the law.

John Dela Cruz of Contracts Specialist is a Security of Payments expert. He helped contractors with debt recovery and payment dispute cases for the past 10 years. He understands that cashflow is king, and that not getting paid on time can have so many negative consequences on you and your business.

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