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If your contractor keeps on giving you the runaround regarding payment for work you've already done, call on a building lawyer to check if they are in breach of their contract. What they are doing is illegal and unfair to you, so take control of the situation!

A specialist building and construction lawyer can help you take the legal steps to get you paid.


Payment Claims and Payment Schedules

To ensure that money will continuously flow into your business throughout doing a project, you must properly set up progress claims. The actual payment will be based on a verified percentage of project completion.

As a specialist construction law firm Contracts Specialist has the expertise and experience to guide you on how to properly craft payment claims and payment schedules for your building business



Adjudication is the legal process for resolving disputes without resorting to lengthy and expensive court procedures. This can be an overwhelming process, but Contracts Specialist can guide you through it.

As a specialist construction law firm, we have extensive experience in court proceedings, drafting of submissions and other supporting documents for adjudications and dealing with construction solicitors. You will be in good hands.


Due Diligence

Contracts Specialist is a construction law firm that has experience in acting for all parties in construction disputes, including homeowners, contractors, and sub-contractors.

In terms of debt recovery, we will look over your your contracts and documents to pinpoint exactly where you stand legally. We will prepare claims and schedules, and draft submissions for adjudication to ensure that you will receive the construction payment you rightfully deserve.


Court Work and Debt Recovery

Legal interpretations of a construction contract can be confusing. A specialist building and construction lawyer can help explain them to you in terms you would easily understand

'Due Diligence' refers to taking reasonable steps in relation to a particular course of action. In a construction contract, it can have a number of more specific meanings. It can can place an obligation on the contractor tom complete the works with care and with requisite effort.

What is
of Payment?

S ecurity of Payment guarantees that subcontractors and suppliers who carry out work or supply goods and services under a construction contract can claim the money owed to them even in the case of a dispute.

This law means that the contractors cannot refuse you payment with the excuse that they need to be secure payment first. You are entitled to progress claims, and need not wait until the end of the contract to get paid.


Here's how we can help you


We will inform you of your legal rights.


We will help prepare your payment claim and adjudication application under the Security of Payments Act.


We will make sure your adjudication decision will be enforced.

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Not paying hardworking people in full or on time is an unfair and illegal tactic happening in the building and construction industry even today. Contractors and clients seem to forget that cash flow is king and not having your money in your hands can cause consequences to you, your business, and your family

As specialist building and construction lawyers, Contracts Specialists has an expert understanding of the Security of Payment Act. We can help enforce your rights and get you paid

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