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About Contracts Specialist

We are a specialist building and construction law firm based in Sydney, AU. Our office is located at the Master Builders Association building at Forest Lodge across from Sydney University and next to the Coroners Court.

Your primary contact will always be Contracts Specialists’ Principal Lawyer, John Dela Cruz.
John Dela Cruz
Specialist Building and Construction Lawyer

I’ve been practicing law for over 10 years, specializing in construction law. I work with residential homeowners, builders, and contractors everyday to help them get the best outcome for their legal situation.

I’ve worked in corporate as legal counsel for a Dow 30 construction company, and was a Government Solicitor prior to that. I’m divisional President of the Master Builders Association (NSW), and CEO and founder of Small Builders Building Software.

Competitive Advantage

I have over 2000 users on Small Builders, and I gain insight from it everyday. Small Builders is a construction administration software that helps small and medium-sized construction businesses in Australia run a successful and sustainable business. It helps clients get organised, get compliant, and increase their profitability.

Because of this, I understand construction work, practical practices of various stakeholders to a project, as well as the common issues that occur daily-- defective or incomplete work, late or non-payments, disputes about scope of work, variations and such. I deal with construction law matters such as construction contracts, residential building disputes, progress claims, and construction payment schedules daily.

I grew up in Western Sydney. I’m a business owner with local insight. I understand the struggles of homeowners and business owners like you, and I recognize the significance and hardships of running a business or wanting the best result for your investment.

What I Value

Trust. Transparency. Quality. Efficiency.
These are things I value.

I run a small yet busy practice. Dedicated, efficient, and responsive, I aim to be the construction lawyer who will guide you through the process, be transparent about professional fees, and work towards a resolution for your legal situation in an ideal timeframe.

Before I start each stage of work, I will tell you exactly what you’re paying for. This transparency will give you control and confidence with the work I am doing.

Like most business owners, I don’t switch off when I leave the office. I have passion for what I do. So I understand how important your business is to you. I respect you so I won’t waste your time and money and log on useless billable hours. My interests will be aligned with yours. And we will work towards the best possible outcome.

Areas of Practice

The building and construction industry is booming is Sydney. This has brought about countless disputes that need to be resolved by law experts who specifically specialize in construction law.

The scope of construction law that a building and construction lawyer deals with includes, but is not limited to:

Construction Contracts
Contracts Drafting and Review

Payment Disputes Debt Recovery and
Security of Payments

Residential and Commercial
Building Disputes

Court and Tribunal Disputes

How I Work

We will do things as efficiently as possible. I work closely with barristers who specialize in construction law. Consulting with barristers early on in the process improves the quality of work and may present a better outcome.

I uphold the quality of my work. I don’t have junior lawyers to do things for me. I will personally work with you throughout the dispute process and will strive for practical timeframes.

Why work with Contract Specialist

Contracts Specialist only deals with legal matters concerning construction law. We deal with it day in and day out. It is our main focus and we are committed to help our clients with issues like residential building disputes, construction contracts, and Security of Payment and debt recovery.

A good construction lawyer will work to prevent any conflicts from happening-- saving you time and money in the long run. He must be skilled and experienced to anticipate possible disagreements or disputes, and then adjust accordingly.

You can rely on a construction lawyer’s expertise and knowledge of construction law to help you prevent or resolve issues from growing into actual legal problems. Contracts Specialist is committed do that for you. We are dedicated. We communicate well and are quick to respond to clients’ queries. With our expertise in construction law, you can be confident you are getting the right legal advice.

The Process to Move Forward

Construction law can be intimidating to clients, but I’m committed to be the construction lawyer that will guide you through the process and explain things to you in a way that you would fully understand everything that’s happening.

Building disputes and construction delays can bring so much unnecessary stress, and cost you valuable time and money. I can relieve you of that uncertainty and help you get back on track. With my extensive experience in construction law, you can be assured that I have worked on situations similar to yours.

Let me break down the process for you.

Step 1: Call us on 02 8096 8576

I want to know your story. What happened? How did you get to this point? Tell me about the situation you’re in. Don’t worry because your first consultation is free. It will cost you nothing to know where you stand legally. Call, let’s talk, and upfront I will tell you if and how I can be of help.

Step 2: Document review

I will ask you to send me contracts, invoices and email exchanges, and other documents that may be relevant to your case. These will enable me to assess the situation and learn exactly how my expertise in building and construction law can be utilized.

Step 3: Disclosure and Agreement

Fees for specific legal services will be disclosed and you will be asked to sign an agreement with Contracts Specialist.

Step 4: Legal Advice

We will discuss how we can move forward, the steps we need to take, and together we will work efficiently and cost-effectively to achieve your goal.

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