Contracts Specialist
Contracts Specialist

Building and Construction Law Expert

Building and Construction Law Expert

John Dela Cruz

Prepare construction contracts

Security of Payments Enforcement

Get Paid Now with Debt Recovery

I can help you:

Prepare construction contracts. Whether you want a contract reviewed or need a home building contract, commercial contract, or subcontract agreement prepared, I can help.

Security of Payments Enforcement. If you need help preparing a payment claim, a payment schedule, or making an adjudication application, I can help you get Security of Payments right.

Get Paid Now with Debt Recovery. If your client is not paying you for the right amount, on time or not at all then call me, I can help you get paid.

As well as being a specialist building and construction lawyer, I am a divisional President of Master Builders Association (NSW). I am also the CEO and Founder of Small Builders | Building Software.

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