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When to Get the Building Contract Reviewed by Residential Construction Lawyers

Before signing a building contract, it is best to have it thoroughly reviewed, to make sure that the residential construction agreement reflects all your rights and interests as a homeowner. 

A commonly-used contract is the standard HIA building contract, such as the HIA New Homes contract. An HIA standard building contract, HIA Small Works contract NSW, HIA NSW residential building contract are normally written to favour builders. Hence, in order to minimise your risks to time, cost, and quality, and to make sure the contract terms are fair, it would be prudent to engage a specialist lawyer to conduct an HIA contract review, and to let them render the appropriate HIA legal advice. 

A meticulous HIA building contract review will potentially save you time and money during the construction stage. 

HIA Contract Template

Why Get Advice?

Whether your NSW residential building contract is custom-made or standard form (like those issued by the Master Builder Association, Housing Industry Association, or Office of Fair Trading), it pays to have it reviewed by a specialist construction lawyer.

A thorough contract review will allow you to obtain advice on your residential building contract. This is important because:

1. Building your dream home is probably the biggest investment in your life.
2. A mistake or change in the cost in a construction project is never a small amount – it would run up to the thousands or tens of thousands.

3. Getting the right advice on your residential construction contract is by itself, an investment because it will:

HIA building contract template

What Does a Contract Review Entail?

Engaging Contracts Specialist for a thorough contract review includes:

1. A quick consult, for us to be on the same page about your expectations and preferences with regard to the contract and the build.

2. A thorough study of the contract in its entirety, paying special attention to important clauses and provisions. This will be done by one of our specialist construction lawyers, who would be significantly more well-versed in construction and contract law, in comparison to a general practitioner.

3. Legal advice where we point out the important provisions for you to look out for, so you can:

HIA Small Works Contract Template
building contract review by a specialist construction lawyer

How We Can Help You

Contracts Specialist is a team of Sydney-based specialist construction lawyers with more than 10 years experience in drafting, reviewing, and managing construction contracts. We help prevent potential building disputes by making sure your contract is foolproof. Should you need advice on a building contract, feel free to give us a call.