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Contract Review

If your construction project is in trouble, then call our NSW building dispute lawyer NOW!  Whether you are a homeowner or a builder, Contracts Specialist can help solve your situation.

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A well-written construction contract as well as a strong relationship between homeowners and builders are the core of the building and construction industry. It is also a successful project’s secret weapon. Some issues that arise in building disputes are caused by inconsistencies and unclear statements in the building contract which could also knock down the owner-builder relationship. Hence, a contract must be carefully reviewed before starting a building project.

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Who can review your building contract?

A lawyer specializing in building and construction is always a top choice. But it is also the client or homeowner who should carefully read his/her contract to make sure that he/she gets what is expected.

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What is the process of reviewing a contract?

Some construction lawyers might just simply read it, summarize key points, and then advise in writing the contract.

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Why is reviewing a home construction contract important?

So you can be sure of what you are getting and avoid pitfalls that the other party might have set out. Everyone is friends at the start of the contract. It is down the track where the building is going up and months pass that the relationships can sour.

Contracts Specialist

What Contracts Specialist can do for you:

Contracts Specialist have extensive experience in drafting and reviewing a wide range of contracts of our clients – both contractors and homeowners – such as Home Building, Commercial, Lump Sum, and Cost Plus contracts, as well as Subcontract Agreements.

Why should you choose Contracts Specialist?

In Contracts Specialist, we were able to establish a niche in understanding our clients’ particular needs by helping out and specializing with the small guys – small to medium-sized clients. We build strong, long-term relationships especially our business clients to help them run successful and sustainable business.

CS Process in Contract Review:

  • We can look into every detail of your contract.
  • We can explain your contract to you in terms you would understand.
  • We can suggest to you what details can be added or eliminated in your contract.
  • We can give you advice on what important aspects you should include in your terms and conditions.
  • We can assure that changes in your contract are in your best interest.
  • We can assure you that you have a well-constructed contract in the making with us. Your building contract shall become your solid foundation to achieve your building goals.
  • We can assure you that your rights, as well as the rights of the other party, and obligations are clearly stated in and protected by the
  • Contractors are assured that they get their rightful payment through progress payments.contract.
  • With a carefully reviewed and drafted contract, we can assure that you and your client are able to reach to a fair agreement.

Consult with Contract Specialists so you have peace of mind and can ensure that you can avoid legal issues in the future.

You can be confident that you are getting the right legal advice.

Contracts Specialist is a Sydney-based construction law firm that deals with Building DisputesConstruction Contracts, Debt Recovery, and Security of Payment. With Contracts Specialist, you are ensured that you are in good hands.

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