Types of Construction Contracts

Residential Building contracts may either be:

Standard Form



Standard Form Contracts: Quick Facts

1. Standard form contracts may be issued by industry associations such as:

The Master Builders Association of NSW (Master Builders), which is an association of building and construction industry members. It issues home home building contracts like:

Master Builder BH4 Contract

The Housing Industry Association, which is a national industry association of building professionals like trade contractors, developers, design professionals, etc. It issues home building contracts like:

HIA NSW Residential Building Contract for New Dwellings

2. There is also a suite of standard form contracts jointly published by the Master Builders Australia Limited and the Australian Institute of Architects, for projects administered by an architect. These are Australian Building Industry Contracts (ABIC), which includes:

ABIC Simple Works- Housing NSW for small to medium sized projects, such as projects between $100,000 and $5 million

ABIC Major Works – Housing NSW, which contains features/clauses that are absent from the Simple Works contract

3. Standard form contracts may also be issued by the government. The Office of Fair Trading NSW, a division of NSW’S Department of Customer Service, issues standard from construction contracts including:

4. Additionally, Master Builder, HIA, and Fair Trading also have home building contracts which may be categorized as:

Which Contract is Right for Me?

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