Small Home Building Contract

A small house under construction

A Small Job Home Building Contract is a type of contract that is used for minor jobs in the house. These are jobs have contract prices worth between $5,000 and $20,000, and would typically include minor home improvements. These are:

  • Home Maintenance
  • Minor renovations
  • Repairs
  • Carpentry
  • Painting
  • Tiling
  • Plumbing and Electricals
  • And other trade work needed to make home improvements.

This contract is more used in home renovations and additions than in building new houses. Building a new house may cost higher than $20,000 so it may require another type of contract and mandatory insurance.

Parts of the Small Home Building Contract

A home building contract being discussed over at a meeting

By law, the home building contract for small jobs requires the following details:

  • The names of the parties involved;
  • Their contractor licences;
  • Any plans and specifications needed;
  • The contract price;
  • A clause that states that the contractor will comply with the Home Building Act and other relevant building codes and laws;
  • A clause that removes certain liabilities from the contractor (if the homeowner has provided the design or any technical specifications) and;
  • A copy of the Consumer Building Guide.

A template of this home building contract from Fair Trading is available here. You can also have your own contract or from an industry association if you see fit. The more important is, you understand what you have put in the contract.

Why need a contract for Small Home Building Jobs?

Even if the work done is just a simple maintenance of your house, a contract can save you from trouble. If anything goes wrong, you can go back to the contract to see what you can do next. You can be also eligible to get warranties, so it is a good prevention for possible defects and disputes.

Relevant laws such as the Home Building Act protects your rights as a homeowner. The contract would help you a lot in terms of enforcing your rights. Every dollar should matter in home improvement so make sure it is well spent and done successfully.

Get Specialist Help on your Contracts

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