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Construction Contracts are the foundation of prosperous building projects and owner-builder relationships in Sydney

Construction contracts play a vital role in the construction industry in Sydney. This important piece of document outlines the scope of work, risks, duties, and legal rights of both the contractor and the owner. With a properly written construction contract, the success of a building project is most likely to happen.

In Sydney, Australia, the construction industry is at its peak. Its multibillion-dollar infrastructure projects employ millions of people across the country. With Australia’s booming construction industry, important elements in building projects such as construction contracts are a must to protect and enforce the rights of millions of construction employees and construction service providers, as well as homeowners and other stakeholders.

Construction can be such a big investment. Well-crafted construction contracts can help protect the rights of the parties involved. A construction lawyer can help guide clients by reviewing and drafting different types of contracts for them. A good construction lawyer knows that a well-written contract can help protect clients when it comes to building disputes and other legal issues that may happen.

How a specialist building and construction lawyer can help with your building dispute

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Construction Contracts and the Objective of Contracts Specialist

Review, draft, negotiate, and enforce construction contracts for homeowners, builders, contractors, developers, and suppliers.

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What is a Construction Contract?

A construction contract contains the detailed agreement of the contractor and the homeowner. It comprises the job descriptions of both parties – scope of work, duties, and responsibilities – their legal rights, the dangers and risks that can be encountered along the building process, and in some contracts, variations and insurance are included. A construction contract is also known as a building contract.

It is also important to note that a construction contract must always be:

  • In written form
  • Contains all the terms and conditions for the construction project
  • Must be signed by both parties (the contractor and the client)

Construction contracts vary depending on the construction service provider or construction organisations whose aim is to aid people, particularly homeowners, in drafting and reviewing their building contracts.

Contracts Specialist offers services to help small to medium-sized construction service providers and homeowners with concerns regarding construction contracts.

Why are construction contracts important?

  • Because the Home Building Act requires it
  • To protect the legal rights of homeowners, builders, and contractors
  • To make sure that the homeowner’s plans and conditions are laid out carefully

To make sure that homeowners, builders and contractors alike are working towards the same direction and the same goal

Some Types of Construction Contracts we can assist you with

Construction contract for residential buildings in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

Home Building Contract

A home building contract is an agreement containing all the work that should be performed for the construction of a residential building.

We draft and review residential building contracts on a daily basis and we have seen just about every possible variation on contract terms and conditions.

We are experienced with NSW building contracts and know when to use them and what you should include in them.

Whether you are the owner or the builder, we can translate your standard construction contract in terms you would understand, and let you know just what should be happening at each stage, or draft conditions to protect your interests.

Construction contract for commercial buildings in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

Commercial Contract

A commercial contract is an agreement containing all the work that should be performed for the construction of a commercial building or non-residential building.

A skillfully constructed construction contract can protect your interests, minimise risks, and increase profitability. As a specialist building and construction law firm, Contracts Specialists can prepare and review commercial contracts for you. We will work with you to detect, assess, and avoid legal issues before they arise.

We are also experienced to explain common issues across a wide range of commercial and construction management contracts.

If you encounter any issues, our construction law firm can communicate with the other parties on your behalf and ensure that a fair solution will be reached as quickly as possible.

Construction contract for subcontractors in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

Subcontract Agreement

A Subcontractor Agreement between a builder/contractor and subcontractor outlines the perimeters of specialist work to be done for the construction project.

As specialist building and construction lawyers, we can help you review or craft subcontract agreements, as well as other standard construction contracts, to ensure that they will have your best interest in mind.

Construction contract for fixed price agreements in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

Lump Sum Contract

Under a Lump Sum building contract, a “fixed price” for the work to be done is agreed upon by the client and contractor before the work begins. This contract can also be applied to both Home Building and Commercial Contracts.

A Lump Sum construction contract can be more of a risk to the contractor as there are fewer mechanisms to allow them to vary their price. Contracts Specialists can help you determine if a Lump Sum contract will be beneficial to you, and we can also advice you on construction contract provisions you can include.

As a specialist construction law firm, we have the experience and expertise to advice you on a range of legal matters including choice of contracts, contract interpretation, and advice on specific contract provisions.

Construction contract for fixed price agreements in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

Cost Plus Contract

A Cost Plus Contract states that a client agrees to reimburse a construction company for building expenses such as labour, materials, and other costs, plus additional payment usually stated as a percentage of the contract’s full price.

This type of construction contract is an alternative to Lump Sum agreements. It allows flexibility and transparency for the homeowner, and reduces the risk for a contractor since a Cost Plus construction contract guarantees them a profit. This can also be applied to Home Building and Commercial contracts.

In a Cost Plus Contract, the homeowner has the right to see exactly what the expenses are. Some Cost Plus contracts also state a guaranteed maximum price.

Contracts Specialist has the experience give you advice on what type of construction contract will be most beneficial to you. Call us to get the correct legal advice you need to hear.

Construction Contract Review

Before signing any construction contract, make sure that the things written on it will be in your best interest. Also, keep yourself aware of common issues that may arise relating to building disputes such as:

  • Poor communication
  • Neglect
  • Payments and council approvals
  • Lack of building and construction knowledge
  • Quality of the work done
  • Delays in construction work

A well-written construction contract is vital for construction projects. Some legal issues and building disputes are caused by inconsistencies and unclear statements in construction contracts, so contract must be carefully reviewed before starting a building project.

A specialist building and construction lawyer can review your construction contracts for you. He can go over the whole document, summarise key points, and then advice in writing the contract so that it will be in your best interest. By getting the correct legal advice early on, you can be sure about what you are getting into and avoid pitfalls that people who want to take advantage of you might have set out.

How our Construction Lawyers can help you

Our specialist construction law firm only works on Sydney construction law matters. We have over 10 years of experience and have worked on various types of cases. You can be confident that you will be getting the right legal advice.

Document for construction contract review in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

We will look into every single detail in your construction contract. We will make sure to explain to you in terms that you would understand. We can advice you on what details can be added or eliminated in the construction contract.

Document for drafting construction contracts in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

We can tell you the important aspects you should include in your terms and conditions. We can make sure that changes in your contract will still be in your best interest.

Document for legal rights in construction contracts in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

We can assure you that your rights, as well as the rights of the other party, and obligations are clearly stated in and protected by the construction contract. With a carefully reviewed and drafted contract, we can assure that you and your client are able to reach a fair agreement.