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Building Defects Inspection:
What Should Be Checked?

Repair might cost you a lot! Building defects inspection is advisable to make sure that your house is in good shape. So make sure you're on the right path and arm yourself with information on building defects inspection.

What is a Building Defects Inspection?

Building Defects Inspections are performed to check the condition of a residential building. These are conducted by licensed building inspectors and create a report on the findings of the house. These can also determine whether your residential building is safe or not.
In addition, building disputes inspections can be done before purchasing a property or when building disputes involving building defects happen.
Common building defects include Concrete Spalling, Water Leaks, External Wall Tiling Defects, and Structural and Non-Structural Defects.

What should be checked in a Building Defects Inspection?


Roof tiles must be checked if there are damages. This could lead to disastrous incidents especially if natural calamities like typhoons happen. Your whole roof could fly off due to strong winds if it is unstable.


Of course, aside from roof tiles, ceilings should also be inspected. Rainwater could leak into your ceiling and would cause inconvenience at your home.


Walls of a residential building must be carefully examined. Cracks that can be found on it could be dangerous especially if natural calamities such as earthquakes strike. Its tiles should also be checked for there could falling bricks that can cause unlikely accidents around the house. Furthermore, inspectors should check for slabs of layers that could indicate deterioration.


Floors should be checked if there are unnecessary bumps that can be felt or noticed. These may cause inconvenience to the residents.

Water Pipes

Water pipes should be inspected for the same reason as ceilings – water leaks. You might just be surprised that there are puddles in your bathroom or kitchen that may cause unwanted slipping accidents.

Doors and Windows

The importance of doors and windows getting checked leans to security purposes. Locks and latches on doors and windows should be appropriate. Also, they should be placed in areas where it would not be an inconvenience to the homeowners.


Of course, wirings of electricals must be placed properly to avoid unwanted accidents. It would be dangerous to have exposed electrical wirings and could even damage an equipment if it is also reported to be harmful.

What is the importance of a Building Defects Inspection?


For sellers of property, building inspections create transparency in the sense that it gives the buyer the real and detailed condition of the house. Additionally, this enables the buyer to carefully assess the property.

Floors should be checked if there are unnecessary bumps that can be felt or noticed. These may cause inconvenience to the residents.

Safety Reasons

Safety is the number one reason why building defects inspections are conducted. You would not want to live in a house with unstable ceiling or falling wall tiles. Building defects inspection is a must to avoid these incidents.

Legal Purposes

As mentioned earlier, some building inspections are done when a legal conflict happens. Building defects can be an indication of poor quality work by the builders. Conducting building defects inspection on the disputed building project can confirm the actual condition of the residential building.

Where to get a Building Defects Inspector?

Homeowners can search up defects inspection companies for their inspection services. You may contact them to inquire for their prices and how they conduct their inspection. Also, it is important that you check that their inspectors are licensed.

In addition, tribunals like Fair Trading also provide inspection services. Especially if it is needed for the building disputes they are settling. But the parties may still choose to hire an independent building inspector if they want to.

How can Contracts Specialist help with Building Defects Inspection?

Contracts Specialist can advise on the selection of a building defects inspector if the client needs one. Also, we can also provide assistance for the homeowner if building defects are detected in their residential buildings.

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Building Defects Inspection
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