Before a case goes to trial, the following may be had:
The Directions Hearing
The Final Hearing


A directions hearing is conducted before a case goes to trial. Think of it as a way to speed up the entire proceedings, making it time-efficient and cost-effective. Some important features are:

Am I required to be present during
the Directions hearing?

It depends. If you don’t have a lawyer, then yes. But if you are represented by a lawyer, then you may sit these hearings out. Your lawyer will attend all hearings on your behalf.

How can I shorten the process further?

You and your opponent can, by yourselves, agree on a timetable of evidence. Then, you can jointly sign a “Consent Order,” and submit it to the tribunal or court BEFORE the Directions hearing. You and your opponent will not be required to attend the Directions hearing, and the registrar or judge will just issue orders from their chambers.


This is the next step following the Directions hearing. Some key points:

Am I required to be present during the Final hearing?

Yes. Even if you are represented by a lawyer, your presence during a Final hearing is required.


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