Benefits of Legal Representation in NCAT

While representing oneself can seem like a cost-effective option, it is important to note that engaging legal representation can have numerous benefits, such as:

Knowledge of the Law

Legal representation is equipped with a thorough understanding of the law and how it applies to your particular case. They have the experience to analyze and apply the law to the evidence in your case, which can improve your chances of a successful outcome.

Preparing for the Hearing

Preparing for the hearing can be a daunting task, and legal representation can take on this task on your behalf. They can assist in organizing your evidence and ensuring that your case is presented in the most compelling manner possible.

Objective Perspective

Legal representation can provide an objective perspective on your case. Emotions can often run high in a home building dispute, and it can be difficult to remain objective. An experienced lawyer can provide an unbiased perspective that can help keep your case on track and prevent you from making mistakes.

Negotiating Settlements

Legal representation can assist with negotiations and help you achieve a settlement that is fair and reasonable. They can assist in identifying and evaluating potential solutions to your dispute, which can help you achieve a quicker resolution.

When to Engage Contracts Specialist Solicitors and Attorneys

While it is not necessary to engage legal representation for every home building dispute, there are some instances where it is recommended. One such instance is when the dispute exceeds $30,000. If the dispute is more than $30,000, the homeowner does not need to establish special circumstances to recover their costs, including legal and expert costs, and disbursements, thanks to Rule 38.

Additionally, it is recommended to engage legal representation when:

  1. The case is complex and involves technical issues
  2. The case involves a significant amount of money
  3. The case involves multiple parties
  4. The dispute is particularly contentious

Contracts Specialist Solicitors and Attorneys

Contracts Specialist Solicitors and Attorneys is a law firm that specialises in construction law, and they can assist with a wide range of home building disputes. We offer a range of legal services, including:

Dispute Resolution

Our construction solicitors can assist with dispute resolution through a variety of means, including mediation, negotiation, and litigation. They can assist in navigating the NCAT dispute resolution process to achieve a successful outcome for their clients.

Claims Management

Our building and construction lawyers can assist in managing home building claims, including reviewing contracts and advising on potential claims. They can also assist with claims management throughout the entire claims process, from lodging the claim to achieving a successful outcome.

Building Defects

Our specialist building defect lawyers can assist with building defect disputes, including defective workmanship and materials, incomplete works, and insurance claims.

Security of Payment

Our payment dispute lawyers can assist with the security of payment claims, including reviewing contracts, preparing payment claims, and responding to payment claims.


Navigating NCAT procedures and rules can be a complex task for homeowners, especially in home building disputes. Engaging legal representation can provide numerous benefits, including knowledge of the law, preparation for the hearing, providing an objective perspective, and negotiating settlements. When choosing legal representation, it is recommended to engage a specialist construction lawyer.

Contracts Specialist offers a free 15 minutes phone consultation to homeowners where the building dispute exceeds $30,000.