1. ABIC Major Works (MW) Contracts

Intended for larger and more complex projects. These contracts are comprehensive and include detailed clauses and provisions for quality control, reporting, and management of the works. They are suitable for projects with significant budgets and complexities.

2. ABIC Simple Works (SW) Contracts

Designed for smaller projects, such as residential renovations, extensions, or alterations. These contracts are streamlined versions of the Major Works contracts, with fewer provisions and clauses, making them ideal for projects that are less complex and have a lower budget. The Simple Works contracts are versatile and can be used for a broad range of projects.

3. ABIC Basic Works (BW) Contracts

These contracts are tailored for very small projects with straightforward requirements. The Basic Works contracts provide a simplified contractual framework that is suitable for projects with minimal complexity.

Each of these contract types is further customised to suit specific project needs, including housing and non-housing projects, and are available for different states and territories to comply with local regulations and requirements. The ABIC suite ensures that there is a suitable contract for various types of architectural projects, providing clear, effective, and user-friendly agreements for the construction industry.