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Litigation Lawyer Prestons

Encountering building disputes can be daunting, especially when negotiations or mediations fall through. Having a proficient litigation lawyer is crucial to navigate these challenges. Our firm is dedicated to serving Prestons and neighbouring areas like Lurnea, Hoxton Park, Wonga Road, and Kurrajong Road, ensuring your rights are well-represented and enforced.

About Our Law Firm

Contracts Specialist stands as a beacon of legal guidance in the complex realm of construction litigation. With a deep understanding of NSW courts and tribunals, we navigate the intricate legal procedures on your behalf, specialising in building disputes resolution. Though we’re not physically located in Prestons, we’re committed to the residents and nearby communities of Lurnea, Hoxton Park, Wonga Road, and Kurrajong Road, offering tailored advice and representation at the Fair Trading Office, the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT), and all NSW courts. Our dedication and expertise are your assets in pursuing a favourable resolution to your legal concerns.

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What is Litigation?

Litigation, in its essence, is a form of legal resolution overseen by a judge, and potentially a jury, within the formal environment of a courtroom. It becomes a necessary pathway in the realm of building disputes, particularly for those of a severe nature that resist resolution through initial negotiations or other informal means. Engaging in litigation, especially in intricate construction scenarios, demands a significant investment of time and resources. Hence, it’s prudent to either seek an expedient resolution at the earliest opportunity or ready oneself for a rigorous defence or enforcement of claims in court. Understanding this, one realises the gravity of litigation — it’s not just about arguing a point, but about safeguarding rights, upholding justice, and navigating the nuanced labyrinth of legal protocols.

When to Seek Litigation

Resorting to litigation to enforce your rights is a decision that comes after all other avenues have been explored and exhausted. Before escalating to court, it’s imperative that every feasible measure to reconcile the dispute has been undertaken. This includes attempts at negotiation, engaging in mediation or conciliation, participating in Fair Trading proceedings, and attending tribunal hearings at the NCAT. If these efforts don’t yield a resolution, and the dispute remains steadfast, then litigation becomes a viable consideration. It’s a significant step, not just a legal procedure, but a commitment to justice and a testament to the unyielding quest for a fair outcome in the face of persistent legal challenges.

Our Services

At Contracts Specialist, we take pride in representing clients across various tribunals and courts within NSW, including Prestons and its neighbouring areas like Lurnea, Hoxton Park, Wonga Road, and Kurrajong Road. Our comprehensive services are designed to navigate the intricate nature of building disputes and litigation processes.

Building Dispute Lawyer

Building disputes not only trigger stress but can also result in financial setbacks. Swift resolution is crucial to mitigate escalating concerns. Our building dispute lawyers are proficient in handling diverse construction conflicts. When disputes defy initial resolution efforts, paving the way for potential litigation, our expertise becomes indispensable.

The Litigation Process

Initial Client Consultation: This pivotal phase involves meticulous case evaluation by our construction litigation lawyer to discern the viability of initiating or defending a lawsuit.

Pleadings: All relevant documents undergo thorough scrutiny, followed by the drafting of requisite pleadings, aligning with applicable laws. John Dela Cruz, our principal lawyer, boasts extensive experience in managing an array of strata and building disputes.

Experts and Discovery: This stage encompasses acquiring expert testimonies and facilitating an information exchange between the disputing parties, laying the groundwork for the trial.

Pre-trial: The pre-trial review ascertains the readiness for trial, ensuring compliance with previous court orders, witness availability, and adherence to trial time estimates.

The Trial: Comprising witness testimonies, evidence-based arguments, and procedural formalities, the trial is a rigorous process demanding expert navigation.

Settlement and Appeal: Settlement discussions can transpire at any stage, while appeals are considerations post-trial, contingent on the outcome’s acceptability.

Meet Our Litigation Lawyer

At Contracts Specialist, we’re proud to introduce our principal litigation lawyer, John Dela Cruz, a distinguished figure in construction law with over 13 years of specialised experience. John’s journey through the legal landscape of construction has been comprehensive, providing tailored contract reviews and astute legal advice to homeowners and contractors in NSW, including Prestons and its adjacent suburbs.

With a background as legal counsel for a prestigious Dow 30 construction firm and a stint as a Government Solicitor, John’s expertise is both vast and varied. His roles have extended beyond the courtroom, having held the esteemed position of Divisional President at the Master Builders Association (NSW) and founding Small Builders Building Software.

John’s proficiency encompasses all facets of construction law, from residential to commercial contracts. His in-depth understanding of the legal intricacies across all Australian states makes him an invaluable asset in addressing the complex issues often encountered in construction contracts and commercial management.

Get Legal Advice

Why Get Advice?

Litigation, undeniably, can be both a financial commitment and a time-intensive process. Moreover, it generally necessitates the prior exploration of alternative, non-adversarial avenues for dispute resolution. In light of these considerations, seeking legal advice becomes a pivotal step in your journey.

By consulting with legal professionals, you empower yourself with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision regarding the suitability of litigation for your specific case. It’s a vital juncture where you gain clarity on the intricacies of your situation, the potential legal pathways, and the risks and rewards entailed. Legal advice equips you to chart a well-informed course of action, ensuring that your pursuit of justice is both strategically sound and aligned with your objectives.

Your Path to Resolution: Empower Your Rights in Resolving Building Disputes

Contracts Specialist’s legal team is here to support you with residential and commercial building disputes, payment conflicts, variations, NCAT proceedings, contract terminations, and court litigation. Although our physical presence may not be in Prestons and the surrounding suburbs like Lurnea, Hoxton Park, Wonga Road, and Kurrajong Road, our legal services extend to these areas.

We offer comprehensive assistance in construction law matters, providing you with the confidence that you’re receiving sound advice. Our services are designed exclusively to assist you in resolving construction and building challenges.

Contracts Specialist will assist you in preparing the necessary documents and represent your interests in litigation. Together, we’ll vigorously protect and enforce your statutory and contractual rights, working towards the optimal resolution for your building concerns.

Contact Information

If you’re a resident of Prestons, Lurnea, Hoxton Park, Wonga Road, Kurrajong Road, or the surrounding areas and require assistance with construction litigation, or wish to schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

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We proudly serve clients in these areas, and we’re here to address your legal inquiries and consultation needs.

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