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Security of Payment Lawyer Goulburn

When engaging in construction projects within Goulburn and its neighbouring suburbs of Kilmore, Wallan, and Wandong, contractors often face challenges such as delayed payment, non-payment, or underpayment. Contracts Specialist specialises in security of payment matters, offering swift and efficient debt recovery solutions to safeguard your earnings and ensure prompt compensation.

About Our Law Firm

With a distinguished track record of over 13 years in debt recovery and security of payment, Contracts Specialist is dedicated to serving builders and contractors in Goulburn and its surrounding suburbs—Kilmore, Wallan, and Wandong. Led by seasoned security of payment lawyer John Dela Cruz, our firm excels in providing tailored legal guidance, prioritising direct communication with the principal, and employing modern technology for transparent case updates. Our stellar 4.9-star Google rating and client testimonials underscore our unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Goulburn Historic Waterworks and Museum
As Australia's first inland city, Goulburn is a proud historic town, combining grand heritage and country charm with contemporary museums, festivals, restaurants, and galleries.

What is Security of Payment?

The Security of Payment framework, governed by the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW), empowers claimants, including contractors, developers, and suppliers. This legislation facilitates timely progress payments and outlines a structured process to address delayed or non-payment issues, setting forth strict time frames for compliance.

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Our Services

Security of Payment Act (NSW)

Navigating the Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW), we advocate for your right to prompt payment, aiding builders, contractors, and suppliers. This framework safeguards timely compensation for construction endeavours.

Payment Claim

We adeptly guide you through the process of crafting and serving a payment claim, meeting all legal requisites in the journey toward rightful payment.

Payment Schedule

Understanding your concerns, we guide you through the payment schedule process, aiding you in making informed decisions post-receipt of payment claims.


Our firm skillfully manages adjudication applications, providing continuous support throughout the adjudication proceedings, expediting dispute resolution.


When alternative methods fall short, we stand ready to assist in navigating court proceedings, should the need arise, to ensure your entitlements are protected.

Benefits of Our Services

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1. Time and Money Savings

Experience expedited payment and cost-efficiency through our adept security of payment legal services. Our swift resolution strategies help contractors in Goulburn, Kilmore, Wallan, and Wandong avoid prolonged disputes and costly legal processes.

2. Minimising Legal Risks

Benefit from our profound construction law insights as we steer you away from potential pitfalls. Our principal lawyer’s comprehensive knowledge ensures informed decisions, mitigating potential legal complexities.

3. Ensuring Satisfaction

Enjoy getting paid promptly and smoothly for your construction work. Our unique method ensures you’ll be financially taken care of.

4. Successful Outcomes

Our legal practice boasts a history of favourable results and satisfied clients. We’ve delivered debt recovery and security of payment solutions to multiple builders and contractors, and we take pride in our achievements.

Meet Our Principal Lawyer

At Contracts Specialist, our Principal Lawyer, John Dela Cruz, is a distinguished construction law expert boasting over 13 years of industry experience. Renowned for his expertise, John specialises in providing tailored security of payment and debt recovery solutions for contractors and builders in the NSW construction sector.

With a diverse background, John served as legal counsel for a Dow 30 construction firm and held a prestigious role as a Government Solicitor. As the former Divisional President of the Master Builders Association (NSW) and founder of Small Builders Building Software, his influence spans the realm of construction.

John’s adeptness extends to drafting and reviewing various construction contracts, encompassing residential, commercial, and subcontractor agreements. His comprehensive understanding of construction law across Australian states, coupled with the ability to demystify intricate legal nuances, positions him as a go-to resource for your construction and commercial management contract queries.

Get Legal Advice

Secure your position in the construction industry and avoid possible conflicts with tailored legal counsel. Our Principal Lawyer, John Dela Cruz, draws on over 13 years of construction law mastery, offering invaluable insights to NSW homeowners, builders, and contractors.

At Contracts Specialist, we empower you to assert your rights under the Security of Payment Act (NSW), whether defending or enforcing. Early access to expert guidance ensures proactive protection of your interests. Embark on a proactive legal journey—reach out today for a personalised consultation, aligning your construction pursuits with seasoned legal expertise.

Safeguard Your Construction Projects in Goulburn

Ensure timely payment for your construction endeavours in Goulburn, Kilmore, Wallan, and Wandong with our dedicated legal support. Contractors and builders alike benefit from our expert guidance, streamlined solutions, and unwavering commitment to your financial well-being. Secure a complimentary 15-minute consultation today, and let us chart a course towards swift and efficient debt recovery. Reach out now to embark on a journey towards securing what you rightfully deserve.

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For personalised debt recovery and security of payment solutions catering to Goulburn, Kilmore, Wallan, and Wandong contractors and builders, reach out through the following channels:

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Elevate your legal endeavours with us today. Inquiries, consultations, or information requests—we’re here to guide you through your construction law needs.

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Contracts Specialist is a Sydney-based construction law firm that deals with Building Disputes, Construction Contracts, Debt Recovery, and Security of Payment. With Contracts Specialist, you are ensured that you are in good hands.

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