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Choosing the Right Builder:
A Construction Lawyer's Advice

Choosing the right builder can lead to a successful building project. So if you find a trustworthy one that could take on the challenge of building your dream house, get them. A good working relationship with your builder is the key to make everything run smoothly.

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Hiring a Builder?

When planning to build a new house, you would first need to look for a builder. A builder is the one responsible for handling the entire construction process, making sure that construction work is continually in progress.

He manages the whole building project to make a house into a reality. The process starts with looking for a builder, hearing their quotes, and agreeing to a contract. They become responsible to make sure that the contract’s terms and obligations are followed.

In short, when hiring a builder, you are giving the future of your dream house in his hands. They have to deliver as promised. So, it becomes important to discern a trustworthy builder to a dodgy one.

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What makes a Good Builder?

A good builder is both skilful and trustworthy. They must know how to manage a construction project and know how to run a business. They should have the necessary building licences and permits that show if they have any limitations with building certain structures.

They should also know how to manage their money. They should know how to keep their cash flow running even if they are handling multiple projects. This is to make sure that they do not run with your money when stuck in a financial situation.

Also, they should offer you a lot of opportunities to customise your house into your liking. It would be nice if you are offered options on adding rooms or modifying existing home building plans. Communication is a crucial thing to maintain during a construction project, so talk through building a sturdy and beautiful house.

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Finding a Builder for your Home

You can turn to a lot of places when finding a builder. But, it would really help to turn to your trusted sources of information to find the perfect builder. It could be either your local home builder association or a friend that has also recently built a house. You just have to look into it.

Another option you can take is to look at the houses of others. If you find a friend that seems to have a well-constructed house, ask who their builder is. Take note of reviews or recommendations from various people. See who could be a great match from their experiences.

If you think you need more information on builders, you can also look up online for some recommendations and reviews. Some builders may post about their work more about themselves online. You can even look at their current business status through government websites such as Fair Trading.

Or you can also avail of online services that can help you choose the right builder such as iBuildNew. They are a team of consultants who can connect you to a builder with your set preferences and budget. They will try to match you with a builder within Australia, and hopefully work together to build your house.

Home builder associations are a good place to start when looking for a builder. Builders who are members of these organisations are provided with resources to keep updated with technical skills and building laws. You can make sure that an affiliated builder will not let you down in terms of skill and law compliance.

For starters, you can check out the Master Builders Association in NSW. It is the leading building association across the state, so you are sure to find talented builders. They have an option that helps you find an affiliated builder near you. You can also search by their work speciality if you are also looking for skilled contractors.

You can also always carry out due diligence when finding a builder, to make sure that everything will be smooth sailing.

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Questions to Ask your Builder before Hiring Them

In choosing a builder, you need to ask the right questions to see if he can be trusted. Some questions you can ask them are:

  1. Do you have the necessary certificates or permits to do construction work?
  2. Does your construction contract comply with construction laws such as the Home Building Act?
  3. Do you respect my right as stated in the Consumer Building Guide?
  4. Will the construction contract cover all plans and technical specifications needed in the project?
  5. Will the construction contract cover statutory warranties and insurance?
  6. Do you have the option to let me customize parts of the house?
  7. Do you have the financial capacity to carry out this building project?
  8. Do I need to process my own council approvals and permits or you will be responsible for it?
  9. Is the process of progress payment for the project specified in the contract?
  10. Is the process of making variations and contract termination specified in the contract?
  11. Do you have any past construction work done that you can show as a reference?
  12. Have you maintained a good relationship with your past clients?

You can also add questions and check Fair Trading’s checklist when investigating if your builder is trustworthy enough.  It is important that you get to choose someone you are comfortable with since you’ll need to talk to them a lot during construction.

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Prevent Building Disputes with Contracts Specialist

Before having the final say on which builder you will transact with, seek legal advice from Contracts Specialist first. We can help you look over your construction contracts before making one of the biggest decisions of your life. By signing the right contract, you can avoid building disputes.

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Choosing the Right Builder: A Lawyer’s Advice
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Choosing the Right Builder: A Lawyer’s Advice