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A Guide for Preventing a
Building Contract Dispute

Good contracts are vital to the success of a construction project.
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You can take steps to avoid building contract disputes from happening even before construction work begin

Determining possible issues and problems should be done as part of the preliminary steps in construction, and you must always consider factors that can lead to contractual failures.

Many builders and contractors are not fond of the slow negotiation process. Moreover, people want to get the contract signed as soon as possible and start to get on with the work. Frankly, this is not a good practice and might eventually lead to building and contract disputes.

Reduce the risk of contractual failure by reading the content of a construction contract you are about to sign. It is your right to ask for the interpretation of any terms and conditions that seem vague to you. This guide can help you prevent possible conflicts with regards to your contracts. Know that the information given is not a law advice, and you still need a consultation from our construction lawyers.

Factors that can prevent a
Building Contract Dispute

1. Specific Timeframe for Performance

Establishing the construction time frame is the key to successful work. It is important to include exact dates for work performance and to prevent using general and vague time periods. By including a specific time in the agreement, it can mean that workers may be discharged should they fail to meet the deadline.

Sample building contract icon with a timeframe for work performance in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

2. Establish the Expected Quality of Work

Quality of construction work must be agreed upon by all parties. Be clear and specific about your expectations. Contractors and builders must always meet expectations as stated in your construction contract.

Construction warning sign icon to prevent a building contract dispute in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

3. Early Termination Provisions

For instances that the homeowner or company cannot afford to continue a contract, an escape clause must be present. Provisions for early termination can be helpful for any possible fallout.

Law scale icon to be used in drafting a building contract in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

Situations that can lead to
Building and Contract Disputes

Errors in contracts can lead to Sydney’s building contract disputes | Contracts Specialist

Errors in contracts

A major reason for contract disputes is the errors in contracts. A well-written contract can contribute to the overall success of the project. In line with this, Contracts Specialist can draft contracts, amendments, and special conditions.

Differing site condition icon as a reason for building contract disputes in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

Differing Site Conditions

Differing site conditions happens when the contractor encounters unknown physical conditions of an unusual nature. This situation can increase construction costs and can also delay the project’s schedule.

Noncompliance of contractual obligations

When a contractor, subcontractor, employer or any other party fails to comply with their obligations, the other parties involved will commonly try to seek recourse.

Law scale to be used in drafting a building contract in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

Claims Errors

A poorly-drafted claim can add to building contract disputes. Even an unsubstantiated claim can make a big difference.

Claims errors icon to show a situation that can lead to building contract disputes in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

Causes of Building Contract Disputes

Regardless of whether a construction contract is well crafted or not, construction problems can still arise during and after a project. General reasons for building contract disputes include:

This is also called as a cost increase or budget overrun. It includes unplanned costs. When there is no specification of who is responsible for cost overruns, disagreements will occur.

This involves the skill and quality that were put into the work whilst finishing the project.

This involves the utilisation of substitute materials which are different from the ones agreed upon.

Long work delays can be considered as abandonment. It can also be deemed as a de facto breach of the construction contract.

Continuous modification of orders which can affect cost expenses may result in building contract disputes.

This involves the contractors and subcontractors when they are not paid for their work.

Contract Specialist’s can help resolve
Building Contract Disputes

Our specialist construction law firm can assist you with building contract disputes and aim for the best outcome possible. Our first-time clients get a free first consultation over the phone. Simply tell us your situation, and give you our advice and tell you exactly how we can be of help to you.

Building and Contract Disputes Resolution Process:

Contracts Specialist
can help you move forward

Consult with Contracts Specialist, so you can get some peace of mind. Good contracts are vital to the success of a construction project. But if you already find yourself in the middle of a building contract dispute, we can help you find the best resolution for your situation.

Call Contracts Specialist for a free first consult. It will cost you nothing to know where you stand legally.

You can be confident that you are getting the right legal advice.

Contracts Specialist is a Sydney-based construction law firm that deals with Building DisputesConstruction Contracts, Debt Recovery, and Security of Payment. With Contracts Specialist, you are ensured that you are in good hands.

A Guide for Preventing a Building Contract Dispute​
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A Guide for Preventing a Building Contract Dispute​