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Factors to consider when hiring a Construction Solicitor

If your construction project is in trouble, then call our Sydney building dispute lawyer NOW!  Whether you are a builder or a homeowner, Contracts Specialist can help solve your situation.

A construction solicitor will undoubtedly use his expertise and experience to provide the best legal service to his clients.

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Having doubts about your construction solicitor? It is indeed disappointing when construction problems arise, but how much more when  you are unhappy about the building lawyer’s work?

Going all in into an adjudication or litigation during a dispute is quite a complex thing. Clients are highly reliant on the abilities of their solicitors. Therefore, if a solicitor has failed to effectively defend and represent a client, then the result can be quite devastating.

With the right lawyer, the outcome will be most beneficial to you, whether you are a homeowner who is suffering from a financial loss, or a contractor who has not recovered any payments. Trust your instincts and watch out for the red flags.

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Hiring Construction Solicitors in Sydney

A good construction solicitor can provide vital assistance in every aspect of the clients’ case or even project. The attorney will work with excellence to deliver a good legal service starting from the basic know-how to lawsuits and liabilities.

When to Hire a Solicitor?

Certain situations are uncontrollable such as delays, building disputes, construction problems and defects, and some other unforeseen circumstances.

For owners, building or renovating a house can be very exciting but stressful. The construction of their homes or establishments is financial investment pondered over countless times. The occurrence of problems such as wasted money, broken plans, and failed expectations can make that stress multiply even more.

For contractors, builders, and other workers involved, the outcome of the work is like their trophy. Non-payment and partial payment can really frustrate the workers after all the hard work they have exerted. They would do anything to minimise their losses and recover their money.

When faced with a dispute, you may get overwhelmed with the costs, available legal options or the amount of paperwork you have to accomplish in order to move forward with your problem. This is where a construction lawyer can come in to help you get through the problems you have been worrying about.

Construction projects demand a huge value of money. A building solicitor can help you with enforcing payment claims, defending and representing a client in litigation, and making sure that the client’s legal rights are enforced.

Building houses and infrastructure can be dangerous work. Builders can get serious injuries and can sometimes even lead to death. With these situations, one will need a solicitor to assist on compensation, insurances and other legal transactions between the owners and injured workers.

When things get serious and heavy and the situation becomes uncontrollable, one will need a solicitor who is an expert in building and construction law. Hiring a construction solicitor can reduce the chances of imprisonment. He can find the best resolution for your circumstance.

Where to Start Looking for a Solicitor

Google! The easiest way to find a lawyer is through the internet. There are numerous solicitors in New South Wales, but look for a law firm who specialises in construction.

Needing the expertise of a construction solicitor may be urgent, but try to calm down and get your thoughts together before the actual consultation. That way, you can easily tell us the situation you’re in, as well as understand what the lawyer will tell you to do next. Generally, the first consultation is free, so take this chance to thoroughly scrutinise the lawyer you’re talking to. See if that is the kind of lawyer you will need.

Contracts Specialist is a Sydney-based construction law firm with a young and vibrant solicitors who have over 10 years of experience specialising in construction law. We know construction and we can help you with your legal situation.

WARNING: Common Ways Construction Solicitors
 Rip-Off Clients

Some attorneys are ethical and some are not. There are numerous ways on how clients are unknowingly being ripped-off by unfair construction solicitors. Most attorneys are credible professionals, but the legal industry also has its negative side, too.

Double billing refers to the act of charging an hourly fee to two or more clients for the same hour of work. This act is considered unethical and illegal. The clients are paying double of what should be the appropriate bill.

Some law firms specialising in construction are over billing the clients by unnecessarily expensive bills. These payments are said to have used for the research, secretarial work, and other tasks.

Padding hours is an act of any bad type solicitors where they would put excess work hours even if they did not. This is just to add excess bill for the clients.

Negligence is basically not doing productively to do the work but still receives a full payment. Every time a client pays an upfront fee, there is a risk letting a solicitor not doing much or any work.

The expense report contains the money spent and reimbursement. Upon creating the report, it can be a potential way to practice greed. A bad type solicitor may add some expense to increase the bill.

Contracts Specialist is a law firm that only deals with legal matters concerning construction law. With our experienced construction solicitors, we are confident to say that our firm has already dealt with a construction situation similar to yours

Our principal lawyer, John Dela Cruz, has over 2000 users on Small Buildersa construction administration software that helps small and medium-sized construction businesses in Australia. He gains insights from various contractors, builders every single day. 

Our construction  law firm values trust, transparency, quality, and efficiency. Our interests will always be aligned with yours.

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Contracts Specialist offers:

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Free First Consultation;​

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Fixed Fees and No-Win, No-Fee Options; and​

Construction Solicitor and building dispute lawyer NSW | Contracts Specialist

Specialist Building Solicitors and Construction Lawyers’ expertise.​

How Contracts Specialist can help you move forward

Contracts Specialist can help you with construction law matters including building disputes, construction contracts, debt recovery and Security of Payment, and strata schemes.

1. We will inform you of your legal rights.

2. We can help enforce your right in the New South Wales Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) and the courts.

3. We can enforce and defend your contractual rights including terminating your contract with the other part.

You can be confident that you are getting the right legal advice.

Contracts Specialist is a Sydney-based construction law firm that deals with Building DisputesConstruction Contracts, Debt Recovery, and Security of Payment. With Contracts Specialist, you are ensured that you are in good hands.

Factors to consider when hiring a Construction Solicitor
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Factors to consider when hiring a Construction Solicitor