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Getting a Good Home Building Act Lawyer

Your Home Building Lawyer should be able to enforce your rights such as your insurances and warranties.

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What is the Home Building Act?

The Home Building Act 1989 is an act that regulates residential work. The act ensures that homeowners must only have transactions with licenced builders and contractors that can carry out construction work safely and skillfully.

The act also requires that home building contracts should include statutory warranties, insurances and other key information in your construction contract that can safeguard the homeowner’s rights.

These types of information are handy for both homeowner and contractor, as these documents could become your legal proof in case you find a leak or a crack that requires some sort of compensation.

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Issues your Home Building Act Lawyer Can Help You

Your home building lawyer can help you in all aspects of the Home Building Act such as:

Home Building Contracts

They can help you draft and review your building contract to make sure that it complies with residential building laws. One vague contract clause can lead to more serious issues if it stays unattended.

Home Building Defects

They will know the exact thing you should do if ever you spot a building defect. They can help you find a building defects inspector and make sure you get compensated for damages through insurance or warranties.

Statutory Warranties

You can also count on them to enforce your right to statutory warranties. Depending on if it’s a major building defect or not, you can claim warranties for 2 or 6 years. To be sure, we can help you in finding a building defects inspector to assess the defect better.

Home Building Insurance Claims

Aside from warranties, you can get compensation from your insurance from the Home Building Compensation Fund. It’s required for all contracted work to be insured by law- so a construction lawyer will be helpful claiming for insurance in case a building defect happens.

Debt Collection

Payment disputes remain to be a common problem in Australia. If you paid a dodgy builder too much or they didn’t fulfill their promises of compensation, consult your building lawyer on how you can make them pay for their incomplete or defective work.


During a construction project, your builder might inform you that changes in your initial plans will need to happen. To keep track of these variations and make sure it’s legal, seek advice from your Home Building Act lawyer.

Writing Notices of Suspending and Terminating Work

Due to unforeseen instances, you might have to suspend work temporarily or terminate your construction contract. To do this properly and avoid further problems, seek the assistance of your home building lawyer.

NCAT Dispute Resolution and Representation

When it comes to worst case scenarios, you may need to resolve your problem through a court trial with the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Your building lawyer can give you advice on the legal processes you need to undergo and even become your representative.

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Choosing the Right Home Building Lawyer

In choosing the right building lawyer to approach, consider these values:

The right home building lawyer won’t leave you in the dark. They should be transparent about fees, the legal processes involved to resolve your situation. They must let you know your legal rights in terms you understand.

When consulting a construction lawyer, you must be comfortable to disclose your situation to them. Rest assured that what you share to a good home building lawyer will stay between the two of you unless you allow them to.

Better, get a home building lawyer that specialises in residential works. Since they mainly deal with issues on residential home building, they know what should be your next steps depending on your situation.

The right home building lawyer will help you resolve your dispute in the most time and cost efficient way they can. They know that your house is a large investment that is at stake so the legal advice of an expert is a must.

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Enforce Your Rights on the Home Building Act

John Dela Cruz is a specialist home building lawyer you can trust. With his 10+ years in practising construction law, you’re sure that he has handled a case similar to yours in which he handles with efficiency and transparency.

He will help you enforce your rights on the Home Building Act and guide you on any legal processes whichever building dispute you’re experiencing. You are sure that you’ll only get expert legal advice that you can understand.

Building a house is a costly investment so you better act on disputes quick. Consult Contracts Specialist today.

Getting a Good Home Building Act Lawyer
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Getting a Good Home Building Act Lawyer