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Get Expert Advice from a
Building Problem Lawyer in Sydney

Contracts Specialist can help resolve your building problems and other construction issues.

Get Expert Advice from a
Building Problem Lawyer in Sydney

Contracts Specialist can help resolve your building problems and other construction issues.

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Building Problem Lawyers can provide a broad range
of services for your construction project issues

Generally, building problems are unavoidable, but we can lessen the potential costs that may come up because of it. At the start of a construction project, every aspect of the construction seems to be on the right track. The building and construction process goes so well, but suddenly building problems come up and derail your well-laid plans. 

Even with the best intentions and preparation, we cannot always foresee exactly where and when building disputes and issues come up. Building problems have many common forms and present itself in building design, planning, supervision, inspection, and legal requirements.

With the current growth and positive outlook of the Australia’s construction sector, many homeowners, investors, and builders have been occupied with construction works. Fortunately, this booming trend is projected to continue. 

Consulting with a specialist construction lawyer from Contracts Specialist early on would be the best step for you so you can avoid or efficiently manage building problems and disputes.

Broken house to consult with a building problem lawyer in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

Common Building Problems

Building problems are due to a combination of concept errors and errors in execution. The errors usually will result to failures and defective construction works. 

Errors in Building Design

Design errors are considered as part of defective construction works that will cost a lot of money on the owner’s or builder’s side. Building designs include the layout, water control, insulation and vapor barriers, floors and walls, and systems. 

Building Defects

A building with defects has unfunctional parts that can cause dangerous conditions for individuals occupying it. The main reasons of these defective works are poor workmanship and the use of defective or wrong construction materials.

Building defects involve:

Generally, concrete spalling or concrete scaling, can be seen in a concrete slab or a layer of concrete. This happens in certain areas experiencing colder climates and continuous destructive natural forces such as cyclic freezing and thawing. Concrete scaling can be described as parts of a building where cracks appear, visible broken tiles, surfaces bulges and huge parts of concrete are peeling off. 

Signs of non-structural cracks are superficial or cosmetic cracks found on the plaster or mortar renderings of buildings. The measure of the cracks are ranging from 1 to 2 mm wide which is comparable to thin hairline cracks. Building cracks often occur dueto elastic deformation, thermal movement, moisture changes, chemical reaction, and other related factors. 

Defective external wall finishes can be identified with cracking of wall surface, bulging with a hallow base, falling off tiles or bricks, and debonding of finishes. In addition, this defect usually causes hollow sound if tapped using a hammer. 

Structural Defects

Structural defects generally specified with cracks. Unlike in non-structural type of building cracks, structural cracks are an extensive one which affects the foundation walls, beams, and columns or slabs. Structure is the most important aspect in buildings and with these defects, it can be dangerous and unsafe due to possible partial or complete collapse of the whole establishment. 

Water Seepage Problem or Water Leaks

Common causes of water seepage include leakages in the drainage pipe and water supply pipes, deteriorated waterproofing of floor slabs or bath-tub seals, and seepage of waste water or rain water through roof. Water seepage can be easily repaired through building technician or licensed plumber. 

Poor Building Maintenance

Well-established buildings structurally demand continuous, efficient maintenance. Building maintenance include the routine and preventative ways to keep the buildings, utilities, and ground in good and safe condition.

Conducting a Building Inspection

Building inspection is necessary to determine the current condition of a property. This process is significant because it can possibly save the owner or builders from expensive further renovations. Inspecting a building usually happens if one is buying a unit, apartment, townhouses, and building investments. 

Building inspection includes: 

  • Damaged roof plumbing
  • Leaks from shower, faucets, sinks, baths, and etc.
  • Structural damages
  • Building cracks
  • Water pressure problems
  • Potential safety hazards
  • Potential fire hazards
  • Storm-water issues
  • Drainage problems

NSW Home Warranty Insurance

Home warranty insurance is a policy for residential building work that covers an individual for the types of loss, and for the amounts of loss within a construction project. This act covers the loss or damage resulting from non-completion of the work due to insolvency, death or disappearance of the builder; and loss or damage due to a breach of a statutory warranty. 

Preventing and Resolving Construction Problems

Building control is the only answer to prevent building problems. It is a system to be applied in a building to manage the operation. Building control system includes the simple thermostat, fire system, lighting, security, and HVAC equipment. It is also suggested to hire or consult a construction lawyer early in a construction process because he will guide you through all the stages of construction legally. 

Building problems can eventually lead to building disputes between the owner and the other parties affiliated within the construction project. With the given instance, the vital role of a building and construction lawyer is a must. When it comes to building disputes in contracts, building personnel disagreements, finance, liability claims, licensing, and liens. 

Your Way Forward

Phone to call a building problem lawyer around Sydney | Contracts Specialist

Talk and send a letter

Have a conversation with the parties
you had misunderstandings and disag-
reements with. Discuss your concerns and possible solutions. If the problem seems to be unsolveable, try to send a letter. Send a letter of resolution intent about the problem. If there is no any response, consult Contracts Specialist.

A builder working as per instructions of a building problem lawyer from Sydney | Contracts Specialist

Consult Contracts Specialist

Contracts Specialist can provide you legal advice for your building problems. Our specialist building and construction lawyers can help you with building disputes and problems. We can discuss the proper steps to resolve your situation, and we will help defend and enforce your legal rights.

Handshake as gesture of agreement with a building problem lawyer in Sydney | Contracts Specialist


Reconciliation refer to an agreement between disputants, after the process of resolving the construction and building problem issues. It is better to reconcile and respect the agreed resolutions by the parties involved.

3 steps to move forward with a building problem lawyer in Sydney | Contracts Specialist

You can be confident that you are getting the right legal advice.

Contracts Specialist is a Sydney-based construction law firm that deals with Building DisputesConstruction Contracts, Debt Recovery, and Security of Payment. With Contracts Specialist, you are ensured that you are in good hands.