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Construction Issues we can help you with

Our construction lawyer in Parramatta is an expert in construction law. Here are issues we deal on a daily basis:

  • Construction Contracts
  • Debt Recovery and Security of Payments
  • Residential and Commercial Building Disputes
  • Court and Tribunal Disputes

A good construction lawyer will work to prevent any conflicts from happening– saving you time and money in the long run. He must be skilled and experienced to anticipate possible disagreements or disputes, and then adjust accordingly.

Principal lawyer John Dela Cruz has over 10 years of experience specialising in construction law. Dedicated, efficient, and responsive, Contracts Specialist will guide you through the process, be transparent about fees, and work towards a resolution for your dispute in an ideal timeframe.

How we will help you move forward

Our construction lawyers in Parramatta have exceptional expertise in handling with construction law matters. This is the process to help you move forward:

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