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What is Security of Payments?

The Security of Payment Act guarantees that anyone who carries out construction work or supplies goods and services under a construction contract can claim the money owed to them.

Why is the Security of Payment Act important?

It ensures that builders are rightfully paid.

It enables builders to properly manage their cashflow.

It imposes clients to duly respond to payment claims.

It gives the builders the right to defend themselves against unjustified non-payments.

Under the Security of Payment Act, progress payments are enforced and payment disputes are quickly resolved.


Contracts Specialist can help enforce and defend your legal rights. We can help you with issues with Security of Payments in Parramatta.

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John Dela Cruz, principal lawyer of Contracts Specialist, has been specialising in construction law for more than 10 years. If you have any questions about the Security of Payment Act, he can help you. To help you move forward:

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We will inform you of your legal rights.

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We will help prepare your payment claim and adjudication application under the Security of Payment Act.

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We will make sure your adjudication decision will be enforced.

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