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Fair Trading Building Dispute

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If you are currently having construction troubles, then Fair Trading building dispute resolution can be an option for you.

If two parties are unable to resolve an issue amongst themselves, they can ask for Fair Trading to step in.

Building and construction lawyers of Contracts Specialist can assist you throughout the whole building dispute resolution process of NSW Fair Trading. We will help you understand the situation better, and we can assure you that we will be taking the proper steps in dealing with your building dispute issue.

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What does Fair Trading Building Dispute mean?

NSW Fair Trading is a division of the Department of Finance, Services, and Innovation (DFSI) that ensures fair and accessible businesses to consumers and employees. They provide dispute resolution services for matters related to building and construction.

If a builder and an owner could not resolve their dispute by themselves, Fair Trading may act as the mediator and come up with a resolution to their problem.

Fair Trading deals with:

  • Incomplete or defective building work
  • Structural damages
  • Specialist work (electrical wiring, gasfitting, plumbing, etc.)

Fair Trading Building Dispute Resolution Process

If you and the opposite party are already in a building dispute and had not reached into an agreement for a resolution, then here is how you can make use of Fair Trading’s dispute resolution services.

Contract Fair Trading

This is the next step upon deciding you and the opposite party could not resolve the dispute by yourselves. Whether you are the owner or the builder, you may ask for the assistance of Fair Trading to help you out with your situation. But you must also make sure that the other party is aware of the attempt to involve Fair Trading in the dispute resolution.

Building Inspection

Part of the process of the Fair Trading building dispute resolution is building inspection. Fair Trading’s building inspector will arrange a meeting between you and the opposite party on the site. The building inspector is expected to come up with the conclusion whether the builder is at fault on the building defects that appeared.

Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF)

If you notice that there are indeed defects on your residential building, then you must notify your home insurance provider immediately. HBCF covers major and minor building defects. For major defects, 6 years from the completion date of the residential building is covered. As for minor defects, 2 years from the completion date of the residential building is covered.

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

If the Fair Trading building dispute resolution did not work out for both parties, then the next step will be the intervention of NCAT. They offer tribunal services including building dispute resolutions. Just like the NSW Fair Trading, they will act as the third party to help resolve the building dispute between the homeowner and the contractor.

How Contracts Specialist can help with Fair Trading building dispute resolution

Contracts Specialist offers services dealing with Building Disputes, Construction Contracts, Security of Payment, and Strata Issues. With vast knowledge and experience on these matters, we can assure you that you are getting the service that you deserve.

You can call us for consultation regarding building dispute resolutions particularly the Fair Trading building dispute resolution. With the expertise of our principal lawyer, John Dela Cruz, you can be confident that you are directed to the right track. So call now and let us discuss your situation.

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Fair Trading Building Dispute
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Fair Trading Building Dispute