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The Importance of Legal Advice Before Contract Signing - Protect Your Business

A signed contract with vague clauses and sections can definitely lead to disputes. Don’t wait for it to happen! Protect your business by getting a construction lawyer for your house project.

Contracts Specialist can help with securing your interests and enforcing your legal rights.

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Why You Need Legal Advice Before Contract Signing

Signing a contract without consulting a building solicitor is a big no-no!

Having your situation checked by Contracts Specialist is a must. A piece of legal advice from law experts is for investment security and business protection not for formality and just to waste money. No one wants to be trapped in a chaotic situation, right?

Therefore, it is best to talk to someone who can guide you with contracts. Remember, you can’t walk away once you sign a contract.

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An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure. -B.F.”

Getting Legal Advice will:

  • save you time and money in the long run;
  • give a solid foundation to your business;
  • help you to be prepared for the unexpected situations that might come up in the future;
  • prevent your business from experiencing a difficult legal situation; and
  • inform you of the relevant laws and regulations associated with your business.

It is much easier to sort legal issues out at the beginning of your business instead of later when they can be more problematic and more costly.

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Why You Need a Contract Specialist?

Contacting a contract expert can help you in so many ways. When there is a statement you think that you can’t understand, it is better to ask than to suffer afterwards. The expertise of a contract specialist can guide you all throughout your project.

When the other contractual party gives their special conditions and contract to you, it is best to let that contract be reviewed by a contract specialist. By doing this, you will save yourself from costly disputes.

Contract specialists will always make sure to secure your business interests. They will arrange agreements based on your specifications and will try to talk those to the other contractual party. Negotiating might include changes in payment terms, obligations, claims, and other related aspects.

One of the services of specialists is to write a contract without ambiguity. A contract is a piece of document with written agreements that include the obligations, rights, payment terms, responsibilities, dispute resolution, and special conditions. This means it should be concise or else, it might result in uncertainty and conflicts.

When everything is settled and contracts have been signed by both parties, you really can’t be 100% sure that the work will be successful. Even if you have used a good contract, if one party fails to comply with the agreement, there will be disputes. However, you must know that you can terminate a contract. A contract specialist can help you with all the legal matters.

Contracts Specialist: Doing a Contract Review

A contract lawyer will make sure that the things written on it will be in your best interest. He/she will keep you aware of with the common issues that may arise relating to building disputes such as:

  • Poor communication
  • Neglect
  • Payments and council approvals
  • Lack of building and construction knowledge
  • Quality of the work done
  • Delays in construction work
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Who can review your building contract?

A lawyer specialising in building and construction is always a top choice. But it is also the client or homeowner who should carefully read his/her contract to make sure that he/she gets what is expected.

What is the process of reviewing a contract?

Some construction lawyers might just simply read it, summarize key points, and then advise in writing the contract. 

Read more: Contract Review >

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Why Choose Contracts Specialist?

Contracts Specialist has the experience and expertise to guide you with any issues related to construction contracts.

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Sydney Construction law issues can be stressful and confusing. Call us for your free first consult. It will cost you nothing to get a clear understanding of where you stand legally.

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We are transparent about fees. We tell you the exact cost before we proceed. For some construction law matters, the fee is waived if we do not succeed.

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The Importance of Legal Advice Before Contract Signing
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The Importance of Legal Advice Before Contract Signing