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Getting the right legal advice early on and having a Sydney construction lawyer manage any legal issues efficiently can help minimise the impact they can have on a construction company’s profitability and a homeowner’s construction goals. A construction lawyer and building contract solicitor can point you to the right direction, helping mediate with other parties, and guide you through litigation if needed.

Building Dispute

Sydney is currently experiencing a construction boom. There is over $1 billion worth of residential building works being done across the city. Along with the redevelopment and enhancements come building disputes, strata issues, and other problems, too. Construction can be quite a costly investment- both to builders and homeowners, however, sometimes things do not go as planned. In some residential and commercial building disputes, it can’t be helped when two parties cannot resolve the issue among themselves. The construction contract is breached, and as it often happens, miscommunication worsens the situation. These building disputes can be stressful and costly, draining energy and finances from both parties.

Security of Payments and Debt Recovery

Construction and building Contract Specialists in construction law would also be in the best position to advise you and help resolve debt recovery and Security of Payment issues. Our Sydney construction lawyer can also be consulted for situations where late or non-payments for services rendered happen. Not paying hardworking builders in full or on time is an unfair and illegal tactic that some contractors in Sydney still do today. Some people seem to forget that cash flow is king and not having your money in your hands can cause dire consequences. The Security of Payment Act was put into action to address this.

Construction Contracts

A well-written construction contract can help minimise risks. Before you sign any agreement, get the advice of a construction law expert to make sure that it will be in your best interest. We can draft and review construction contracts for you. Contracts Specialist is a specialist building solicitor and construction law firm that can help you enforce and defend your rights– whether you are the homeowner, a builder, or subcontractor.

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Who We Are

We are specialist building and construction lawyers who can help you enforce your legal rights. We only work on construction law matters so you can be confident you are getting the right advice.

Contracts Specialist is headed by John Dela Cruz.

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Why work with our Sydney Construction Lawyer

With over 10 years of extensive experience specialising in construction law in Sydney, AU, you can be assured that we at Contracts Specialist have worked on a situation similar to yours. We have dealt with all types of clients, from homeowners, builders, and contractors.

A good construction lawyer will work to prevent any conflicts from happening– saving you time and money in the long run. He must be skilled and experienced to anticipate possible disagreements or disputes, and then adjust accordingly.

You can rely on a construction lawyer’s expertise and knowledge of construction law to help you prevent or resolve issues from growing into actual legal problems. Contracts Specialist is committed to doing that for you. Dedicated, efficient, and responsive, our specialist construction lawyers will guide you through the process, be transparent about fees, and work towards a resolution for your dispute in an ideal timeframe.

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Sydney Construction law issues can be stressful and confusing. Call us for your free first consult. It will cost you nothing to get a clear understanding of where you stand legally.

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We are transparent about fees. We tell you the exact cost before we proceed. For some construction law matters, the fee is waived if we do not succeed.

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Specialist Building Solicitors
and Construction Lawyers

We are experienced and well diverse in construction law. We only deal with construction law matters so you are sure to get the right legal advice.

Our Services

Construction contracts drafted and reviewed by Sydney building and construction lawyers | Contracts Specialist

Construction Contracts

As specialist building and construction lawyers, we have extensive experience in drafting and reviewing a wide range of contracts for our clients—both contractors and homeowners—such as Home Building, Commercial, Lump Sum, and Cost Plus contracts, as well as Subcontract Agreements.
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Security of Payments

We are Security of Payment experts and we can help you get the money you rightfully deserve. Not paying hardworking people in full or on time is an unfair and illegal tactic happening in the building and construction industry in Australia.
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Construction contract and a gavel for building dispute lawyer Sydney | Contracts Specialist

Building Dispute Lawyer

As construction law experts, the common causes of residential building disputes our construction law firm helps our clients with are: poor builder workmanship; slow, incomplete, and abandoned work; and overcharging and disputes about variations.
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